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Zoollu is a brand new dating site with unlimited possibilities.

 ABOUT: is a revolutionary, global automated dating site / social network, web space / web page providing internet business / company, based on the worldwide web (www.).

Zoollu allows it’s customers to be matched with single individuals that are  looking for love just like them, by  using their profile information entered while filling their profile. And, we make it possible for them to access this convenient service  at anytime, from anywhere, via, Internet Connection on their mobile phone or PC (Personal Computer), via a ZOOLLU ACCOUNT, or a cost / price of $19.99 USD a month.

Choose from our Subscription Plans NOW, and get your Zoollu Account TODAY!


Register for your 14 day free trial. Try all of a Zoollu Account’s GOLD MEMBER Features for 2 weeks!

Singles can view the results of their compatiblity matches from their profile!


View the results of your match test from your profile.

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You can also shop, sell and auction goods and services online from your Zoollu Account !

Members can shop at Zoollu Vendor Stores, and market their products, as well as find their one true love, at the same time. Select Zoollu’s  Gold  Subscription Plan and unlock the ability to sell and/or auction your items online from your own web based store, for only $29.99 USD a month. Access your Vendor Dashboard and Auction Settings from the frontend
of our website (

NB: Vendors pay a commission of 10% per product sale .

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